The Bartlett


Installation / 2010

Vinyl composite tiles, industrial sink / dimensions variable

In collaboration with Nikita Alagappa and Laura McKillop



The Bartlett is a site-specific installation in the Bartlett Performance Space at the visual art studios of Simon Fraser University. For the installation, the grey-floored room, normally used by the studio community as an exhibition space, is covered with cheap vinyl tiles. The tiles—which are also used as floor covering in the studio bathrooms—are laid out starting from the central coloumn, as opposed to beginning at the walls or corners. A non-functional industrial sink is placed along one of the walls. Through the subtle alteration of the space of the room, the installation provokes questions about architectural space, site-specificity and functionality. It also pays hommage to a previous installation in the men's bathroom in the studio, "American Standard" (2004) by the artist Reece Terris.





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