Haptic Platform for Vancouver's Robson Square

Robson Redux Competition, Vancouver / 2015

In collaboration with Andrea Comandé, Pengfei Du, Jiffy Lee, Neal Qiongyu Li and Daichi Yamashita



Spong(e)scape is a proposal for a public installation at Vancouver's Robson Square. Conceived as a haptic platform, it catalyses an urban micro-ecology by absorbing and emanating the energy, diversity and dynamism of the city. Elevated a foot and a half above the sidewalk, spong(e)scape is perforated with variously sized openings that accommodate different inhabitants, such as people, plants, and inert materials, creating various configurations between them. Over the course of nine weeks, the installation can become a home to larger scale events, while also facilitating day-to-day activities on the site. Constructed as a series of sixty modules based on standard lumber dimensions, the structure is designed to be reconfigured into smaller units following the installation, which can be relocated to various locations across the city.





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