I Can’t See

installation \ 2011
concrete, industrial shelving, angle iron, rebar, construction adhesive, plywood, styrofoam, Douglas fir, found blueback paper \ dimesions variable

The installation I Can’t See comprises a heavy and precarious-looking composition of concrete, metal and wood, counterbalanced by a flag-like strip of blue billboard paper on the adjacent wall. Its strange, seemingly haphazard construction evidences both intentionality and chance, and the resulting assemblage is both haptic and optical, and evokes a simultaneous sense of failure and utopia.

I Can’t See is a product of the visual study and materially-sensitive translation of the shapes, planes and surfaces of the urban built environment, and of a contemplation of the relationship between architectural form and social agency. It is informed understanding geometric formalism not as an objective and reductive process but as an embodied aesthetic act of construction, with an attentiveness to materiality as a site of both possibilities and limitations.