Marks in Space

Performance drawing \ 2011
two-channel HD video, 33:25

This performance, documented in the form of a dual-channel video, explores the relationships and analogies between the embodied, temporal act of drawing, and the conceptualization of architectural space as a temporally unfolding entity. As the philosopher and architectural theorist Nader El-Bizri argues, the formal totality of architectural spaces can only be revealed through the spatial and temporal movement of the body: “It is in spatial depth, as the cleared and perceivable leeway for corporeal movement, that architecture becomes experientially visible. (…) [S]pace as the depth between the eyes of the observer and the object of vision is itself visually perceivable.” During the performance, an overhead projector was used to trace, in a kind of blind contour drawing, the very shadow of my pen projected onto the objects and walls of the night-time visual art studio. In this process, the rudimentary drawing on the projector’s transparency becomes the real-time evidence of the act of moving through space, by tracing it through a mediating apparatus.