This Is Your Neighbourhood

site-specific installation, W2 Media Arts, Vancouver \ 2010
two-channel video projection on backlit transparency

This Is Your Neighbourhood was a site-specific installation located across the Woodward’s Building in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. It was featured in “For the Moment,” an exhibition that focused on the interaction between politically-oriented artistic practices with play- and process-based methodologies. An animated text, overlaid in two directions, was projected onto the windows of the gallery, visible both from inside and from the street. A constant change in the opacity of the two layers of text created a continuous shift in the (un)readability of the words, consisting of opposing pairs, such as global/local, inside/outside or thought/action. Through its two-directionality and constantly shifting nature, the installation interrogated both the limits of binary thinking, and the ability of art to affect and engage with its social context.