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  • Lots in Common

    Lots in Common

    first prize, Mixing Middle Competition \ Urbanarium, Vancouver \ 2022with Contingent Collective \ collaborators: Roy Cloutier, Nicole Sylvia Lots in Common is a series of spatial protocols for medium-density, mixed-used neighbourhood redevelopment in Metro Vancouver, conceptualised in response to the need to densify and diversify single-family neighbourhoods through engaging the entangled social and environmental challenges […]

  • Too Many Cooks!

    Too Many Cooks!

    Drawing Kitchens Together research paper, series of three drawings and fabulative recipes \ 2020—ongoingpublication for Room Journal no.2 “The Kitchen” (forthcoming)with Contingent Collective \ collaborators: Roy Cloutier, Nicole Sylvia Perhaps more than any other conventional room, kitchens form a link between domesticity and larger networks. Everyday kitchen activities implicate us in multifarious webs of relation—from…

  • Bloc Party

    Bloc Party

    research paper and series of four drawings \ published in Bracket Journal no.4 [On Sharing] (forthcoming) \ collaborators: Roy Cloutier, Nicole Sylvia As the homeownership models that sustained previous generations slip further out of reach, more and more people are left in a precarious relationship with domestic space—locked out by the shifting tides of the…

  • After Nature

    After Nature

    commissioned outdoor installation, City of Vancouver Art Wrap Program \ 2017with Contingent Collective, collaborators: Roy Cloutier, Pengfei Du, Jennifer Leung, Nicole Sylvia, Daichi Yamashita After Nature is an ongoing series of drawn investigations on the ever-evolving environments of Metro Vancouver. Looking beyond the conventional view that treats nature as something abstract and inherently separate from…

  • Cruising Stalls, Surfing Screens

    Cruising Stalls, Surfing Screens

    Heterotopologies of a Water Closet series of 4 drawings, photograph and essay \ 2018published as “Cruising Stalls, Surfing Screens: Heterotopologies of a Water Closet,” Room Journal no.1, “Bathroom” (2019): 98-109. A series of drawn investigations of a particular men’s bathroom which is a gay cruising space. Accompanying an essay, the drawings (re)construct a heterotopology of…

  • Constellations of the In-between

    Constellations of the In-between

    Architectural Speculations in Metro Vancouver’s Interstices Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) graduation project \ University of British Columbia \ 2014–2015advisor: Blair Satterfieldawarded the Canadian Architect Student Award of Excellence & published in Canadian Architect Magazine \ 2016 Amidst an increasingly transdisciplinary field, and in an environment of uncertainty and change, the nature of architectural intervention and…

  • Metabolic Infrastructure

    Metabolic Infrastructure

    design studio project \ ‘Flat Studio’ \ University of British Columbia \ 2013shortlist, Fentress Global Challenge 2013: Upcycling Infrastructure \ 2014 collaborator: Justin Neenan \ advisor: Blair Satterfield Situated in the contested post-industrial waterfront area of Vancouver’s Northeast False Creek, Metabolic Infrastructure is centred on the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts—two vehicular-pedestrian overpasses likely to be…

  • False Boundaries

    False Boundaries

    mapping project \ University of British Columbia \ 2013advisor: Blair Satterfield The smooth space of the sea and the striating forces of the city—following from the analogy outline by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari in the book A Thousand Plateaus—have respectively characterized the natural and cultural history of Northeast False Creek. Originally a tidal mudflat…

  • Felt Work: Urban Mat

    Felt Work: Urban Mat

    design studio material study \ Flat Studio \ University of British Columbia \ 2013advisors: Blair Satterfield, Mari Fujitaacrylic felt, zippers \ 200 x 200 cm Felt Work: Urban Mat is the product of a material investigation into the conceptual possibilities of living as an ‘urban nomad’ by moving within and between the ‘striated’ and ‘smooth’…

  • Full Void Park

    Full Void Park

    second prize, Think Public Space Architectural and Urbanistic Competition \ 2015 collaborators: Pengfei Du, Yan Luo, Neal Qiongyu Li, Daichi Yamashita In European cities, public spaces have been central to the life and evolution of urban space for millennia. As spaces of visibility and sociability, and bounded by a mutual agreement of being shared between…